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M+L Ideas:

  • blog page (for Easter)

  • no link to the home page?

  • what are the ministries at LWC?

    • small groups?​

    • next steps

    • connect team

    • children's ministry

    • youth ministry 

    • ​outreach meals/ministry​

    • men's breakfast/ministry

    • food pantry

  • media pages are great!

  • update pictures 

  • camp page?

  • members page vs services? combine? what is special about the members page besides access to services? can these be public since we are removing dates?

    • call it something besides "members"... maybe just login?​

  • add dinner church 

  • footer edit

  • pages: home (link), about us, "ministries" media, contact, blog

  • check SEO's and google links

  • link for next steps 

    • for prayer, baptism, serve, contact us, all of that through this link​

  • remove "let's chat" box? 

  • questions for PD+L:

    • can sermons be public once we take the dates off? is there a reason they are private, especially since they are already public via podcast and radio?​

  • What is the first thing we want people to see once they see the website?

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