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Marked By Freedom

Passover. It’s the week where the Jewish people celebrate their miraculous deliverance from Egypt. They celebrate FREEDOM from 400 years of slavery and bondage. When it could feel like all hope was lost, God SENT Moses as a deliverer! God never forgot them. Instead, He showed up and He showed out. Miracle after miracle. He set His people free. He lead them out of darkness and into the land of promise! The Lord kept His covenant with His chosen people.

The same week Passover is celebrated, Jesus became the deliverer for ALL people! This deliverer set us free from the law of sin. Why? Because we were never meant for death or separation from God! We are meant for eternity together. Through faith in Jesus, we can approach God confidently because we are given the position of “sonship”. As God’s children, we are “no longer slaves”! (Gal 4:4-7). Not to sin, sickness, death, lack, fear, suffering, or any thing that comes close to it.

Just like Passover week, focus on how the Lord has rescued us! How Jesus is our deliverer, even for ‘small’ victories. So today, remind yourself of what Jesus has won for you. Stir faith as you reflect on His goodness toward us!

Journal Topic: List the good things that God has done for you. How has God shown up as YOUR deliverer?

Written by Cala Plenert

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